The place where the real Azadi March will be halted has been determined. Private TV has made a big claim

Where will the real freedom march halt be, it has been determined, private TV made a big claim…

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Chairman PTI Imran Khan is ready to give a big surprise to the government on the issue of anti-government real freedom march.

According to the private TV channel Express News, the sources say that there is a strong possibility that the real Azadi March will be halted in Faizabad. Various options are being considered for approval.

Sources say that the PTI leaders suggested that the government should reach Rawalpindi and give a deadline to meet the demands, until the government does not announce early elections. If you do, then proceed towards Islamabad.

Sources say that there will be further consultation on the suggestions of the party leaders today, Imran Khan will make an important announcement on the suggestions of the party leaders tomorrow.

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