Imran Khan’s big revelation has been sent to me through the President’s office

Messages have been sent to me through the President, Imran Khan’s big revelation

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that messages have been sent to me through President Dr. Arif Alvi, but I have only one demand: give the date of the election, give the date of the election. After that all the discussions will take place. He said that everyone will get a surprise on November 26, I know their plans and I am planning ahead.

During the meeting with the journalists, he said about the appointment of the army chief that he has no problem with appointing whoever he wants as the army chief, now these people are trapped on both sides. Imran Khan said that if elections are held, then these people If they don’t, there is a risk of bankruptcy of the country. We are trying to hold clean and transparent elections as soon as possible. There is no solution to the country’s problems except new elections.

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