Saeed Ghani does not see Imran Khan’s long march reaching Rawalpindi

Imran Khan’s long march does not seem to reach Rawalpindi, Saeed Ghani

Karachi (Daily Pakistan Online) Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani has said that Imran Khan’s long march does not seem to reach Rawalpindi, Imran Khan’s long march is revolving around 2 injuries.

According to private TV channel Express News, while giving a press conference in Karachi, Saeed Ghani said that Imran Khan made the appointment of the head of the institution controversial. It is sad to make the appointment of the institution controversial. He is destructive, Imran Khan is spreading the wrong tradition of political pressure.

The provincial minister said that Imran Khan took revenge against his opponents during his time. Imran Khan sold the gifts received from friendly countries, Election Commission, media are all bad for Imran Khan.

The PP leader said that as soon as Imran Khan left power, mines were laid for the country, Imran Khan put political opponents in jails, he said that Imran Khan wants to keep every institution under his control, Imran Khan’s ten-year plan failed. has happened

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