Proposal under consideration to give representation to overseas Pakistanis in Parliament: Ahsan

JEDDAH         –           Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal Saturday stressed that the primary focus of the government was continuing to build political stability, a democratic society, and effective growth of all industries in Pakistan. The federal government will focus on stabilising the economy in the remainder of its term with a specific focus on strengthening Pakistan’s exports. He added that the government supports the right of overseas Pakistanis to vote, but it should be done without compromising the sanctity and security of the electoral process. “There is no secure Internet-based voting system in use in the world yet,” he said. However, various proposals are under consideration, including the proposal to give representation to overseas Pakistanis through specific seats in Parliament. He said that polarisation in the country is poison for national unity and harmony. “We should not allow differences of opinion in politics to become a basis for enmity and hatred. We are all patriotic Pakistanis, no one can claim a monopoly on patriotism, faith, and integrity.” He said that no country can be strong without the rule of law and the constitution. “Disrespect for the constitution leads to chaos.”

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