Mohsin Leghari is preparing the people to increase the price of diesel electricity due to the fear of mini-budget

Fear of mini-budget coming, ruling people to increase diesel, electricity prices…

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Finance Minister Punjab Mohsin Laghari has said that there is a fear of mini-budget, the rulers are preparing the people for the increase in the prices of diesel, electricity and other products.

According to the private TV channel Hum News, Punjab Finance Minister said that Ayesha Ghos Pasha said that there is no risk of default in the country, people’s purchasing power has been affected. If not, we will face economic difficulties. The IMF wanted to increase taxes. We wanted the people not to be burdened by additional taxes. Actions taken.

He said that despite the Corona challenge, the PTI government tried to get the economy out of trouble, there was a flood in Punjab, no help came from the federal government for the victims. He said that 3-4 long marches were held during the PTI era. Even then, people had complaints.

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