Zulfi Bukhari also released a statement breaking the silence regarding the sale of the watch

Regarding the sale of the watch, Zulfi Bukhari also broke his silence and issued a statement

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Zulfi Bukhari has said that Umar Farooq Zahoor is lying, Umar Farooq’s claim of friendship with me is also false.

According to private TV Geonews, Zulfi Bukhari said that Umar Farooq never met Zahoor in his entire life, Umar Farooq Zahoor’s mental balance is not right, on one occasion it was said that the watch was sold, on the other hand it was said that the watch was not sold. Which of these two statements is true? He said that what has changed within twenty-four hours? The watch was sold in Pakistan for the amount mentioned in Imran Khan’s statements.

Umar Farooq Zahoor, while speaking in Khyalan Rahe Keh programme, said that ‘I spoke to the owner of Style Out Watches, he was told that it is being claimed that you have made transactions for the watch, and asked him for an explanation. The watch is my property, how did you claim it? The owner of Style Out Watch explained that it is all lies, propaganda.

Umar Farooq said that actually Zulfi Bukhari had contacted Style Out Watches, Zulfi Bukhari had asked him to market the watch on the website, Zulfi Bukhari had told him if any good offer comes, let him know. Zulfi photographed and marketed the watch.

Umar Farooq further said that the owner of Style Out Watches told that he neither bought nor sold the watch, I asked him to correct his record, give an explanation, after that he removed that post, disclaimer too. Released, StyleOut also gave a video message saying they had nothing to do with the transaction.

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