Azam Swati made a big announcement

“I am sorry for the torture and disrobing,” Azam Swati announced

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Senator Azam Swati of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has said that he is sorry for the torture and disrobing.

According to the details, after meeting Chairman PTI Imran Khan in Lahore, Azam Swati while talking to the media said that Imran Khan will tell the future course of action himself. Azam Swati said that there was a murderous attack on Imran Khan. He said that how far 13 parties have taken the country’s economy.

It should be noted that while holding a press conference in Islamabad this month, Azam Swati had said that he did not care about taking my life, he touched my honor, took me to an unknown place and made a video of me.

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