CM Punk Jokes “I’m Bad News, You Don’t Want Me In The Locker Room” During CFFC Broadcast





Posted By: Guy Incognito on Nov 18, 2022

CM Punk Jokes "I'm Bad News, You Don't Want Me In The Locker Room" During CFFC Broadcast

CM Punk did commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships earlier tonight, where it was joked that Cage Fury would do “Fury Pro Wrestling” next year and that they were looking for a big signing in reference to CM Punk, who was on commentary.

Following the joke, CM Punk replied: “I’m bad news, you don’t want me in the locker room.”

Fellow announcer John Morgan added to the joke by saying, “That dude will mess up the whole organization. I like working here. Don’t let him do any press conferences.”

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