Imran to announce marchers’ Rawalpindi arrival date today

LAHORE   –       Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said Friday that he would announce the arrival date of the party’s long march in Rawalpindi on Saturday (today) as the former premier addressed the march’s participants via video link. Taking a dig at rival party supremo Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan questioned how a person like him could be permitted to decide when the election will be held and who the next chief of army staff should be. PTI chairman Imran Khan said that the incumbent government’s planned amendments to the army act would be challenged in the Supreme Court (SC), claiming that the coalition leaders were making these changes “for their own benefit”. In an informal meeting with journalists in Lahore on Friday, the former premier claimed that the government was bringing the amendments for its “own benefit”. The PTI chief also said that the appointment of the army chief should take place just like that of the chief justice. According to the Supreme Court (Number of Judges) Act, 1997, the CJP and all high court judges are appointed on the basis of seniority. Imran also predicted that Nawaz will ask the army chief to “first of all try to get rid of me, because he [Nawaz] cannot compete with me”, and then “he will try to finish all corruption cases against him. And finally, he will never hold elections until he knows for sure he will win.” The PTI chief also questioned during his address that “if the largest political party cannot get justice in Pakistan, then who can?” as he pointed towards the difficulty he and his party faced in registering an FIR over the gun attack on him. Imran said that he had not met Gen Bajwa in Lahore, clarifying that President Arif Alvi had had a meeting with the army chief. However, Imran told journalists that there were no talks under way with anyone at the moment. The PTI chief also said that he would lead the party’s long march to Islamabad from Rawalpindi himself. Imran expressed concern over the delay in presenting the suspect in court. “I fear the evidence would have been wasted in these 14 days. Imran further said that he will announce the date to reach Rawalpindi on Saturday, adding that he had a medical checkup tomorrow where doctors would give their opinion on his recovery. “The longer they stay, every month, investors are losing their confidence in this government. Pakistan is going to go down an economic quagmire. “And, yes, I feel there will be social unrest unless [early] elections are held because of the economic meltdown that is taking place right now.” He also spoke of the suspects he claims plotted his assassination.

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