Tosha Khana’s watch controversy The dealer retracted his statement of sale for 250,000 dollars, but what is the truth?

Tosha Khana’s watch controversy, the dealer from his statement of sale for two and a half million dollars…

Dubai (Daily Pakistan Online) The dealer who sold the watch gifted to former Prime Minister Imran Khan by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has retracted his initial statement.

Dubai-based Pakistani businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor, speaking to private TV a few days ago, claimed that he gave a gift to Imran Khan from Saudi Crown Prince Farah Gogi, a friend of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi. The watch was bought for two million dollars.

After this TV show, the dealer Style Out Watches, who sold the watch, released a statement on social media saying that they sold the watch “Graph Makkah Edition” in 2019 for two and a half million dollars and it was only one watch. Now they don’t have any other watch with this watch.

Daily Pakistan contacted Style Out Watches on WhatsApp and inquired about the watch, and the company confirmed that they had sold the watch for $250,000. The dealer also confirmed in a call made by Daily Pakistan that he had sold the watch in 2019 for two and a half million dollars. The company’s explanation contradicts Umar Farooq Zahoor’s statement as he claimed that he bought the watch for two million dollars while the dealer himself is saying that the watch is worth only two and a half million dollars.

Later, when the dispute over this watch intensified, the watch dealer retracted his first statement. Apart from this, Style Out Watches has also issued a disclaimer in which they have said that they did not sell the watch but it was given to them for marketing purposes in 2019 by an unnamed person. took pictures of the watch, posted them on his social media and returned the watch to its rightful owner. It has nothing to do with who the owner sold the watch to. The dealer appealed that they should not be used politically against any party.

Style Outwatches retracting their statement two days ago shows two things, either they are telling white lies and trying to protect themselves in this whole controversy or they are being watched. The buyer has issued a rebuttal under pressure.

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