An alarming increase in the trend of divorce among those who marry of choice

An alarming increase in the trend of divorce among those who marry of choice

Lahore (Report: Kamran Mughal) In the last 5 years, more than 144,000 cases related to marriage of choice, divorce, expenses and handover of children were filed in family and guardian courts, of which about 40 percent were decided while 60 percent are still under hearing.

Lawyers and psychologists are describing the alarming increase in the trend of divorce among girls who marry of choice and divorce among boys as uncoordinated relationships, selfishness, egoism, social inequality, and intolerance. The rate of cases in family and guardian courts is increasing day by day, according to a research report, in the year 2018 there were 19,217 cases of eviction and expenses etc. in the family court and 6,058 cases in the guardian court of children. In 2020, 21118 cases were filed in the family court while 6292 in the guardian court, 24471 in the family court in 2021 while 8282 in the guardian court and 22545 in the family court in 2022 while 7887 in the guardian court. Those whose marriage had not even passed 1 year.

In this regard, legal and constitutional experts former coordinator Pakistan Barconsul Mudassar Chaudhary, Ghulam Mujtaba Chaudhary, Mujtaba Haider, Mateen Chaudhary, Osama bin Rashid, Zaman Manzoor, Ali Usman, Khawar Chaudhary and Medium Sadia while talking to the daily “Pakistan” said that mother When girls who marry against their father’s will come to the court for divorce, their claims include brutal violence against their husbands, intoxication, being already married, not paying expenses, not being able to fulfill marital rights. Others make serious allegations while arguing with parents before marriage and declaring the same boy as the best man in the world while giving statements in favor of marriage in courts.

Judges, lawyers, psychologists and social leaders say that the importance of protecting the basic rights of women is in place, but there is also a need to strengthen the social foundations to make the reconciliation system effective.

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