22 people died in Sehun Sharif accident. The whole family was going to visit Sehun Sharif for the joy of what? Sad news

22 people died in Sehun Sharif accident.

Sehun (Daily Pakistan Online) Last night, a terrible accident took place near Sehun in which 22 people have died, including 7 members of the same family.

According to the details, four sisters, one brother, father and mother are among those who died in the accident, while the surviving two sisters of the same family are seriously injured and are being provided treatment facilities. The unfortunate family has seven daughters. Later, the first son was born, for the joy of which the family was going to Sehun Sharif for pilgrimage.

A son was born after 7 daughters in the house of Shahnawaz Pahlputto of Khairpur. Shahnawaz Pahlputto was going to Sihon Sharif with his family and relatives for the joy of the birth of the same son. In the accident, the son and 4 daughters born of Shahnawaz Pahlputto Including 22 people became victims of death. The joys of the ill-fated family turned into mourning, scenes of doomsday are everywhere in Dawood Goth of Khairpur, people are extremely depressed and every eye is tearful.

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