PTI erupted against the Speaker for not giving him a chance to speak in the Assembly

PTI erupted against the Speaker for not giving him a chance to speak in the Assembly

Islamabad: On not getting a chance to speak in the National Assembly, the opposition lashed out at the speaker. PTI leaders have said that when there was our speaker, he used to give Shahbaz Sharif a chance to speak for hours and now the speaker is not allowing us to speak.

He said that People’s Party and Muslim League-N are two sides of the same coin. Asad Qaiser used to allow Shahbaz Sharif to speak for hours as Speaker in our government. Asad Qaiser used to actively support the opposition. But now Ayaz Sadiq does not allow the opposition leaders to speak, we condemn this behavior of Ayaz Sadiq.

Speaking to the media outside the Parliament, PTI leader Umar Ayub said that yesterday there was an incident of terrorism in Kurram Agency, which we strongly condemn. In South Waziristan, the security forces have been attacked again today, the STACK and ENTERPRISE Act has been passed today. Amendments are being made on the amendments and the draft is given to the members at the same time. We have no idea of ​​its procedure, no procedure has been decided.

He further said that we do not come here to debate, we come to discuss issues, this bill should not have come, this bill was brought to hide the dark deeds of the government.

Not allowed to speak when opposition brings point of order: Barrister Gauhar

Yerster Gauhar said that the current government is bulldozing the legislation. Laws are being passed in one go, when the opposition brings a point of order, it is not allowed to speak. When the meeting was held yesterday, the agenda remained incomplete, the nation lost 6.5 million rupees.

Barrister Gauhar said that I put the point of order before you. How many people are there in this country who have been picked up? We have protested many times against the behavior of the Speaker, it is the right of every MNA to speak on a point of order. If the behavior of the speaker continues like this, we will be forced to go to the extreme.

We stand by our judges, they have won: Asad Qaiser

Asad Qaiser said that the campaign against the judges will be resisted, our struggle will not end as a result of any pressure. We will fight according to law and constitution, the brave judges of Islamabad are fighting our cases. The constitution is suspended, the constitution is a book which is not being implemented. We stand by our judges, they won.

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