Ayeza Khans real name made public by husband Danish Taimoor – SUCH TV

Ayeza Khans real name made public by husband Danish Taimoor – SUCH TV

Actor Danish Taimoor has revealed that his wife and actress Ayeza Khan does not go by her real name.

In a video clip of an old interview with a private TV channel going viral on social media, Danish Taimoor reminisced about the early stages of his relationship with his wife, unveiling that Ayeza Khan’s real name is Kinzah, a detail that surprised many fans who have followed the couple’s journey.

He said, “Before meeting Ayeza, a girl wanted to marry me, but it was not possible because I was studying at that time. Therefore, I refused her.”

He further shared that the girl then asked him if he loved another woman. “At this, I said yes and her name is Kinzah.”

Reflecting on their courtship, Danish Taimoor affectionately recounted his love for Ayeza Khan, highlighting their genuine connection. “I was in love with Ayeza. She is the only woman I did not flirt with,” he revealed, underscoring the sincerity and depth of his feelings.

Taimoor further disclosed that he bypassed conventional dating norms and directly proposed marriage to Ayeza.

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan, both prominent figures in Pakistan’s television and film industry, have established themselves as versatile actors with a string of successful projects to their credit. Their on-screen collaborations, notably in dramas such as “Deewangi” and “Laapata,” have garnered widespread acclaim for their undeniable chemistry, resonating deeply with audiences.

Married since 2014, Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are proud parents to two children, Rayan and Hoorain Taimoor, who have become cherished additions to their family life.

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