Karachi: In the case of trafficking of minor children to the United States, the court rejected the plea of ​​extending the remand of the accused Saram Birni and sent him to jail on judicial remand. During the hearing, it was revealed that the accused received 3 thousand dollars from the American couple.

According to Express News, a child trafficking case was heard in front of the Judicial Magistrate’s Court in Karachi City Court. FIA produced the accused Saram Birni in the court. Investigation officer Chaudhry Bilal, prosecutor, lawyers Safai Amir Nawaz Waraich, Qadir Khan and others also appeared in the court.

The FIA ​​requested a further 7-day physical remand. The prosecutor of FIA stated that the child Haya has been declared orphan in the family court. The girl’s mother, Afsheen, sold her to a woman named Madiha, Madiha sold the girl to Bushra. In the family court, the Saram Birni Trust declared the girl as an orphan. The accused is not cooperating in the investigation and is not answering a single question correctly. Along with this, there are other victims out of which 20 have been identified so far. The accused is not providing the records, the banks have been asked for information regarding the trust of the accused.

The court inquired from FIA that how much money was taken regarding the girl Haya? The prosecutor stated that $3,000 was taken and paid by the person who adopted the girl. The court inquired whether you have any proof of this. The lawyer FIA take a stand and said that it is a case of young girls, they should be tried in-camera, there is an organized group in it. We should be remanded for one more week. Digital, financial and US intelligence records have been sought to be scrutinized.

The court inquired whether the real parents of the girls are alive. The lawyer of FIA took the position that they are alive, their statements will be recorded in the court. The court inquired that you will investigate involving them? The investigating officer said that yes they are part of the investigation, the accused has to be further questioned about the records received from the US intelligence. The investigating officer also presented the receipt of 3 thousand dollars in the court.

The court asked the accused that did you receive this 3 thousand dollars? Accused Saram Birni replied that I do not know. The court said that you are the chairman and you do not know? The accused said that the money must have been taken by the trust. The investigation officer said that so far the cases of 3 children have been investigated while 20 more cases are to be investigated.

Lawyer Safai Amir Nawaz Waraich gave a stand and said that Saram Birni should not be remanded. If given physical remand, Saram Birni will be tortured. The receipt that has been presented, read what is written on it? Does it have the word sell on it? The family has been contacted, they have said that we have given the baby ourselves. They have been inquiring for two and a half months, this woman has been blackmailed. The accused will answer the appropriate question. The accused said that I have evidence in my mobile. I told FIA that I am out of the country and will come back and answer.

The court asked the accused that you did not know that the girl’s parents were alive? Why did you lie when you knew that the girl’s father was there? The accused said that I did not know. Defence Lawyer Amir Nawaz Waraich said that someone else gave this girl to the trust.

The court asked the investigating officer, do you want to record the statement of the accused? On which the officer said yes, the statement has to be recorded. The court ordered the FIA ​​to record the statement of the accused in the chamber itself. The court remarked that the statement of the accused should be recorded in my chamber in front of his lawyers. The court rejected the FIA’s request to extend the physical remand of the accused Saram Birni.

The court sent the accused Saram to jail on judicial remand. The court remarked that the bail application of the accused will be heard on Monday, June 10. Accused Saram Birni said in the conversation after the hearing that Pakistan is defamed by the one who is accusing me. All the allegations made by the FIA ​​are false. Whatever I have done to improve the future of children, my crime was that I am the head of the institution, there is no fault of any employee of the institution.

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