LAHORE – The Vice Chairman of the Punjab Bar Council, Kamran Bashir Mughal, has said that the lawyers’ movement for the approval of the demands is continuing with full determination and will continue until success is achieved. On June 7, they will formulate a strategy according to the new situation, many faces have been exposed in the lawyers’ movement. The doors are still open for the lawyers who have tried to harm the movement. But first they should apologize openly and become part of the movement again with transparency.

In his statement, he said that all institutions, including the government, are well aware of the power of lawyers’ union. They know that lawyers always talk about the voice of truth, the rule of law and the observance of the constitution. We agree that the voice of the lawyers’ union cannot be suppressed under any circumstances. Lawyers have always raised their voice for democracy and freedom of expression, we supported journalists on many occasions.

Vice Chairman Punjab Bar Council Kamran Bashir Mughal said that our movement against registration of cases under the controversial notification, terrorism provisions on lawyers is going on, any lawyer who tries to sabotage this movement will be exposed. Some people said that the relationship with our Chief Justice has deteriorated, the Lahore Bar should resolve its own issues. We have nothing to do with them, the faces of those who gave such advices have come in front of everyone.

These people are neither here nor there, they have even walked out of the Joint Action Committee set up to take decisions by consensus, though no one has kicked them out. The notification regarding the division of courts has now become a judicial order and it has to be withdrawn by the judiciary itself.

He said that the lawyers who do not abide by the call of strike on the call of the bars, there is still a consession for them and the purpose of this is only the union of lawyers.

Those who have remained separate and become the representatives of the lawyers, first they should sincerely apologize for harming the lawyers’ union. Lawyers have never lost a battle and in sha Allah they are still standing peacefully for their demands. Unlawful restrictions were imposed on the strike of lawyers, this is an attempt to create a gulf in the bench and the bar. But instead of getting angry, we responded in a peaceful manner.

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