Pentagon to speed review of delivery of large armed drones to Ukraine

Seventeen members of the US congress issued a request to speed up the review of Ukraine’s request for delivery of large military UAVs.

MQ-1C Grey Eagle. Image credit: U.S. Army

According to Reuters, this request is related to the Biden administration’s plan to sell four large, armable drones MQ-1C Grey Eagle to Ukraine. However, this deal hasn’t moved forward since June, mainly because of concerns that highly advanced technologies used in top-level combat drones could fall into the hands of the Russian army. 

US congressmen emphasize that a thorough check of risks should not be carried out at the expense of the lives of Ukrainians and insist that this inspection be completed “on time.”

The letter, which was signed by both Republicans and Democrats, refers to the recent successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in retaking the occupied territories from the enemy. It also notes that the use of more powerful unmanned aircraft systems on the battlefield could allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to better protect the country’s territory for which they have been fighting so hard.

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