Pakistani comedian Sohail Ahmed’s entry in Indian Punjabi film

Pakistani comedian Sohail Ahmed’s entry in Indian Punjabi film

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistani well-known host and actor Sohail Ahmed entered Indian Punjabi films.

According to the details, Pakistani famous Sohail Ahmed will be seen in the Punjabi Indian film “Babe Bhangre Pawande Ne” with superstar Diljit Dosanjh and Sargan Mehta and will wear a Punjabi tadka in the film. Produced by Thand and Diljit Dosanjh, the trailer of which has been released. The story in the film’s trailer goes something like this: “Diljit along with his friends after the death of his father, get money from an insurance policy and start his business. Sargan Mehta, who works in an old-age home, becomes part of Diljit’s plan by sharing information about the health of his patients. The father, played by Sohail Ahmed, tries his best. are to keep him alive until the insurance policy is activated. But the twist in the story comes when things don’t go as planned as Sohail Ahmed’s health is showing improvement.

It should be noted that due to the political tension in Pakistan and India, there is a ban on showing each other’s films and dramas, and artists are also under this ban. Actor Sohail Azizi has previously acted in the film “London Nahin Jay Ga” and the drama “Chaudhry”. “And Sons” showed the essence of his acting which was well liked by the audience.

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