Husband lost his ninth-grader wife in gambling, disfigured her face with a knife for refusing to have a relationship with gamblers.

Husband loses wife in ninth grade in gambling, relationship with gamblers…

Chiniot (Daily Pakistan Online) In Chiniot, a gambling husband lost his ninth class student wife in gambling. The husband forced the wife to have relations with gamblers but when she refused, the heartless man disfigured her face with a sharp instrument.

Injured wife Mehwish says that she had gone to Makkah to deliver class 9 papers where her husband Ali Raza came to pick her up and took her home between Saturday and Sunday night. On reaching home, the drunken husband tortured the woman and also tore her roll number slip. The gambling husband locked his wife in a room and went to call his gambling friends. Ali Raza pressured Mehwish to have a relationship with his gambling friends but when the woman refused, he not only tortured her but also cut her face with a sharp instrument.

The victim barely escaped from the house and saved her life. Mehwish’s family has demanded the authorities to take notice and take strict action against the accused.

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