Another honor of Superior University, Professor Dr. Samira Rehman is included in the top 100 women of South Asia.

Another honor of Superior University, Professor Dr. Samira Rehman South Asia…

LAHORE (Promotional Release) Success is a habit and recognition and appreciation of success lay the foundation for lasting success and growth and that is the story of Superior Group.

The South Asian Partnership Summit (SAPS) honored Rector, Superior University, Prof. Dr. Sameera Rahman with the South Asia Top 100 Power Women Award at the 6th Business Excellence Awards 2022. The award was given to Dr. Samira in recognition of her tireless efforts to introduce a revolutionary business model to promote educational services and self-sustaining and progressive communities and create lasting socio-economic impact. Meanwhile, SPAS also honored Superior University with the Emerging Educational Institute of the Year Award at a grand ceremony held at Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The importance of this award can be gauged from the fact that Dr. Sameera has been selected for this award from among thousands of institutions and millions of businessmen and academics in eight countries of South Asia. In early April this year, Superior University was also named the number one private sector university in Pakistan under the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2022.

Organizations, regardless of their scope and size, thrive under visionary, creative and exceptional leadership and one such leader is behind Superior’s success. Chairman, Superior Group and Chairman, Board of Governors, Superior University, Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rahman is a history-making leader and Superior has set new milestones in recent years.

Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman established this culture of success, solidarity, and conversion of human resources into human capital, which Rector, Superior University, Prof. Dr. Sameera Rehman, ably carried forward. After earning her PhD in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Middlesex University, UK, Dr. Samira is committed to changing women’s perceptions, empowering them with entrepreneurial opportunities, and providing practical solutions to empower young people to believe and think for themselves. To create great programs to make Pakistan economically better. Dr. Samira took over as Rector of Superior University in 2016 and envisioned setting new standards in the field of education, innovation and research. He launched Superior’s flagship programs such as the Entrepreneurship Teaching and Training Program (ETTP), Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP), and the unique 3U1M program, committed to creating socio-economic change.

Realizing dreams requires hard work and determination and Dr. Samira pursued her dream of building an economically superior Pakistan with passion, will and courage. A 400-301 rank in Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2022 reflects the effectiveness of Dr. Samira’s diverse initiatives. Similarly, the Rector’s Conference is organized every year with the objective of generating possibilities for finding practical and creative solutions to the current threats and challenges facing the higher education sector in Pakistan. Dr. Samira Rehman’s ultimate goal is to present a positive image of Pakistan and its people to the international community. The recently organized Superior Entrepreneurial Expo in collaboration with the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan provided a creative platform for Pakistani youth to showcase their creative ideas and realize their dream of revolutionizing business in Pakistan.

Over the past six years, Dr. Samira has given a new dimension to the higher education sector in Pakistan and has empowered a generation to dream and realize their dreams while training them to believe in themselves. His dedication, hard work and individuality have contributed to empowering 67% of Pakistan’s youth population to become masters of their own destiny. These six years of hard work and dedication have made Dr. Samira Rahman a symbol of change, collaboration and creativity. Her all-round personality is a role model for all women who have to step forward with confidence and determination towards their children as well as their workplace. In the wake of these achievements, Dr. Samira has a renewed commitment and drive to ensure student success, create socio-economic impact and achieve the goal of sustainable development in the field of education in Pakistan.

It seems that this journey of long overdue success has just begun and the streak of more awards and achievements will continue in the future.

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