Aima Baig and Shehbaz Shagri’s relationship ended but who is the girl Ayesha Lania Akhtar who appeared in this story? A new controversy arose.

The end of Aima Baig and Shehbaz Shagri’s relationship but in this story…

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) In the past few days, singer Aima Baig announced through her Instagram account that she has ended her relationship with her fiance Shahbaz Shagri, but after that Aima Baig herself was accused of being unfaithful to Shahbaz Shagri. came and now the name of another girl named Ayesha Lenia Akhtar has come in this story and the internet users are asking who is this Ayesha Akhtar now?

According to the news website ‘ProPakistani’, Ayesha Akhtar is a Pakistani American model and actress and is the ex-wife of Shehbaz Shagri. Shahbaz Shagri and Ayesha Akhtar were in a relationship for 5 years and then got married in 2014 but got divorced in 2018. After that, Ayesha Akhtar got married to a businessman. Now Ayesha Akhtar’s name has come up again in the dispute between Aima Baig and Shagri.

People are criticizing Shehbaz Shagri for leaving Ayesha Akhtar for Aima Baig, but many people also say that actually Ayesha Akhtar left Shagri for her current businessman husband. According to the report, after Aima Baig announced the end of her engagement through Instagram, a British model Taylullah Mayer accused Aima Baig of infidelity and Aima Baig’s chat with Pakistani-born British filmmaker Qais Ahmed. Posted screenshots on social media.

Qais Ahmed was the ex-boyfriend of the British model, who allegedly left her for a relationship with Aima Baig, which led to Aima Baig announcing her engagement to Shahbaz Shagri. Qais Ahmed was also apparently cheating on Aima Baig because after Taylullah shared screenshots of Aima and Qais’s chat and call history, Qais Ahmed himself posted screenshots of Aima’s messages on social media. .

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