2 alleged killers of Sidhu Musewala were killed in a 4-hour encounter with the Punjab Police

Clash with Punjab Police for 4 hours, 2 alleged killers of Sidhu Mosewala were killed

New Delhi (Daily Pakistan Online) 2 shooters allegedly involved in the murder of the famous singer of Indian Punjab, Sidhu Musewala, were killed in a police encounter.

According to the Indian news agency “NDTV”, the Anti-Gangster Task Force of the Punjab Police conducted an operation in a village near Amritsar on a tip-off, during which the accused opened fire on the police party. According to the report, the accused and the police The exchange of fire continued for 4 hours during which the accused “Jagroop Singh Rupa” and “Manpreet Singh alias Manu Kusa” were killed while 3 policemen were also injured and a private TV cameraman was also injured.

According to the report, it is being said by the police that “Manpreet Singh alias Manu Kusa” allegedly first fired at Sidhu Musewala with an ak-47. In Indian Punjab famous singer Sidhu Musewala was shot dead. According to the police, the responsibility of Sidhu Musewala’s murder was accepted by Canadian base “Standarjit Sindh aka Goldie Brar” through a Facebook post and in it. Lawrence Bishnoi gang provided support, posted by Goldie Brar that Sidhu Musewala’s murder is a revenge for the murder of our friend “Vicky Madhukhera”.

According to the police, Lawrence Bishnoi is currently imprisoned in Tihar Jail, while Interpol has issued a red corner notice for the arrest of Goldie Brar. There is criticism because the Punjab government withdrew security from Sidhu Mosewal a day before he was killed and at the time of his murder, he had neither security nor a bulletproof vehicle with him.

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