Homeless singer arrested in Bangladesh, stopped by police from classical songs

Homeless singer arrested in Bangladesh, police stop him from singing classical songs

Dhaka (Daily Pakistan Online) Police in Bangladesh arrested actor-singer Hero Alam and released him on an assurance not to sing classical songs in the future.

According to “India Today”, Hero Alam has close to 2 million followers on Facebook and close to half a million subscribers on YouTube. Hiru Alam while talking to news agency “AFP” alleged that last week the police tortured him mentally and forbade him from performing classical songs. The police told him that he was very rude, and the police also made him sign an apology letter.

According to Hero Alam, he was picked up by the police at 6 am and detained for 8 hours. Dhaka Police Chief Haroon Al Rasheed told reporters that many complaints had been received against Hero Alam, who had completely changed the traditional style of singing, and assured the police that he would not do it again. .

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