Ride carrying children collapses horrific video

A horrific video of a swing ride carrying children collapsing in front of parents is going viral on social media.

The horrific video on the micro-blogging social media application Twitter saw the Fruit Flying Chair spinning in Hanzhong city.


The children were on the seats that were attached to cables. Suddenly the main body ride collapsed in front of the parents that watched the horrific scene unfold and screamed out of fear.

The people rushed to the scene to bring the children to safety. The bystanders tried to fix the broken ride.

A foreign news agency reported that 18 people got injured in the untoward incident. They were treated at the Liuba County Hospital. An adult suffered fractures while another was kept under observation.

The incident comes after an incident that saw people stranded on an immobile rollercoaster for minutes in the United Kingdom. With nowhere to go, they had to climb down 65 feet by stairs to the ground.

They were provided water bottles and harnesses by the authorities. There were no injuries.


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