Baby elephant saves man from drowning video

Baby elephant saves man from drowning video

A heart-warming video of a baby elephant wading the rough river to save his human friend is going viral on social media.

The viral video, shared by Beejal Bhatt on Twitter, showed the close relationship between baby elephant Kham Lha with her trainer Darrick. The clip was captured at the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.

Darrick can be seen swimming in the water. The animal misunderstood that he was drowning and needed help.

Kham Lha went into the water to rescue her human almost as quick as a reflex action.

Earlier, a video of a baby elephant having fun with its owner is going viral on social media platforms.

The clip was shared on the micro-blogging platform Twitter by Buitengebieden. The clip, filmed by Sheldrick Wildlife, showed the calf cuddling and playing with the keeper lying on the ground.

A recent study by scientists from the University of Turku proved male elephants that live in groups feel less stressed. Females feel less stressed when surrounded by their babies.

They studied how stress levels affected elephants’ social behaviour in Myanmar.

They concluded males exhibit high levels of stress when they have no friends while females show to be less stressed when they were with babies.

The researchers compared the levels of stress hormones in their faeces to assess whether sociality is linked to stress.


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