Bollywood actress Kajol to launch her web series with Disney hot star soon

Bollywood actress Kajol soon launched her web series with “Disney Hot Star” …

Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Bollywood actress Kajol will soon make her OTT debut through her web series. Interestingly, the premiere of the series will be released on “Disney Hot Star”.

According to Bollywood Hungama News, actress Kajol will make her OTT debut through a web series directed by renowned director Supran Verma and in this project, along with Kajol, her husband Ajay Devgn will also show the essence of her acting. The most interesting thing about this series is that it will be released on “Disney Hot Star”. According to the report, the actress will play the role of the mother of a new era in the series. The drama will be based on crime, politics and family, while it will be produced by the production company “Banche Asia”. The project will be released next year. Actress Kajol from Sri Lanka is among the 397 people who have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. According to a report, 44% of the 2022 members are women, 47% from unrepresented ethnic communities and 50% from 53 different countries and territories outside the United States.

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