“I’m single now” Neelam Munir’s explanation came after the picture of the engagement ring went viral

“I’m single now” after the engagement ring photo went viral, Neelam Munir’s …

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Pakistani actress Neelam Munir clarified that she is single and her ring is not an engagement ring but she usually wears it.

According to details, actress Neelam Munir recently appeared in “The Big Pig Show” where she talked about topics like love, relationships and what qualities should be in her spouse. Earlier, claims were being made on social media. The beautiful actress got engaged but then the actress clarified on Instagram that it was the opposite of reality.

“People often talk about my engagement when they see the ring I wear, whether it’s my left hand or my right hand,” he explained in “The Big Pig Show”. Because of the ring people thought I was engaged and I’m not saying why I do that but then everyone started asking questions and that’s why I thought I’d make it clear to my fans. I’m single, but my family, especially my cousins, are eager to know about my partner. “

Talking about the virtues in her spouse, Neelam Munir said, “I would like a spouse who believes in charity and is a kind person, who thinks well of his country and fears Allah.”

It should be noted that actress Neelam Munir started her career with modeling and never looked back. The popular hit dramas of the actress include Deep Jale, Dil Nawaz, Dil Moom Ka Diya and Pyar Deewani Hai.

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