Pet cats eat their master’s dead body

A Russian woman, who died at her home, was eaten by her own pet cats, the Sun reported. The woman’s half-eaten body was found by the local police in Bataysk. 


The deceased woman was a cat breeder and owned 20 Maine Coon cats. The cats are named after the U.S city of Maine. The specie is known for its passive nature, and muscular build and is often referred to as ‘the gentle giant’.

According to the Sun, the eating of the dead woman by the cats is understandable. An animal rescue expert said, “The cats were left alone on their own for two weeks, there was no food, so what else to eat?”

Not the only incident of its kind

In fact, this is not the first such incident. The Standard reported that the dead body of a Hampshire woman was found half-eaten, her body was undiscovered for two months.

In another similar case, a U.S man in his early thirties was found days after his death. His head, neck, and parts of his arm were defleshed by his ten pet cats.


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