Punjab Police lodged a FIR against PTI Lawyers

Lahore: Punjab Police went berserk in Noon League government. Punjab police on Wednesday, on the behest of the Government to thwart the peaceful Real Freedom March of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The federal interior ministry not only closed the entire country to containers and barricades. On the contrary, PTI workers including children, old and young women and their families were subjected to inhumane treatment by the Punjab Police.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawyers gathered in front of Aiwan-e-Adl Lahore to join the Real Freedom March. From where the other leadership of PTI Lahore also had to go out in the form of caravan for peaceful long march with lawyers. But armed groups of Punjab Police started gathering there early in the morning and when PTI Secretary Lahore Zubair Khan Niazi arrived there with unarmed PTI workers, Punjab Police took the initiative and tried to arrest him illegally and beat him up. A large number of people gathered to save Zubair Khan Niazi from illegal arrest. On that day, the unarmed lawyers and workers were also tortured by the police.

When the convoy of PTI workers barely moved forward, they first faced obstacles and heavy tear gas shelling by the Punjab police in front of the Data Darbar. The convoy proceeded a little further from there and the lawyers who were peacefully riding in a bus and were not involved in any action against the police, including women, were surrounded by the Punjab police. Not only was the bus vandalized but the lawyers were also forced off the bus. They were severely tortured and illegally arrested and locked up in the Badami Bagh Lahore Police Station. A few hours later, they were released on the immediate order of the Supreme Court.

Waqas Ahmed, a PTI worker, was allegedly pushed by the police from Ravi Bridge and killed him.

Police retaliation did not stop there. Now a false FIR has been registered against one and a half hundred lawyers of Lahore Bar Association including Umair Niazi of Insaf Lawyers Forum on the basis of the incident which took place near Aiwan-e-Adal, Lahore, so that they can illegally detain any lawyer whenever they want. The Higher Courts in Pakistan will surely take notice of this false FIR and put an end to this policing against Lawyers.

Report: Muhammad Sajjad Munir Ramay

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