Not afraid of investigation but. … Hareem Shah also expressed frustration over the performance of the government

Not afraid of investigation but. … Hareem Shah also criticized the government’s performance.

Lahore (Web Desk) Well known Tuck Tucker Hareem Shah says that no matter how many investigations are carried out against me, I am not afraid of investigation. When we voted for him, he gave us hope that the level of importance of passport and Pakistani currency would be very high during Imran Khan’s rule.

In a recent video statement, Hareem Shah expressed frustration and disappointment with the performance of Prime Minister Imran Khan. “We are disappointed with Imran Khan, we are disappointed, but there is still hope that there will be a prime minister who will take Pakistan to the heights of development,” said Hareem. We can never move forward if research is lagging behind each other and dragging each other’s legs without research, and as far as institutional research is concerned, of course there is no need to be afraid of investigation. It will be clear that I did not do such a thing.

It is believed that Tick Tucker had now retracted his statement after the FIA ​​took action after Hareem Shah’s claim of money transfer to UK. Released an explanatory statement and also shared a video on social media in which the person accompanying him revealed that all the money in the harem video is his and he does money exchange work while his All money is legal.

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