FIA writes to UK’s National Crime Agency to launch probe against Hareem Shah

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has written a letter to the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency to launch a money-laundering probe against TikToker Hareem Shah, ARY News reported on Thursday

In the letter, the federal investigation agency has alerted the British NCA about TikTok star’s travel and personal identification details.

The letter states that Hareem Shah in a video claimed to have ‘laundered’ money through ‘fraud’ which was filmed in the UK.

The letter also mentioned that Hareem Shah in another video denied claims of ‘money laundering’ and dismissed the earlier video as a ‘joke’, which was also recorded in the UK.


It is pertinent to mention here that Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday had initiated a money-laundering probe against famous TikToker Hareem Shah after the social media star in a video openly committed illegally carrying large sums of currency abroad.

According to FIA Sindh spokesperson, the probe had been launched against TiKToker under the country’s foreign exchange regulation act. The FIA officials have also decided to write a letter to the British National Crime Agency to request the body to investigate money laundering charges against Shah.

“Action is being taken against Hareem Shah under foreign exchange laws,” an FIA official said.

In a couple of videos posted on Instagram, the controversial social media star showed off bundles of foreign currency and explained how she was able to take such a huge amount of money with her to UK.

The TikTok star also advised her followers to be careful while carrying large sums of currency.

The TikTok star enjoys a massive following on TikTok and holds a controversial social media presence.

Shah also made headlines in Feb 2021 when she slapped the cleric Mufti Qavi.

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