Huntsman spider interrupts female health official’s briefing

A press briefing from a female Australian health official on COVID-19 situation was interrupted by a large huntsman spider as the entire episode was captured on camera.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath was conducting an outdoor news conference to discuss the need for businesses to comply with recent vaccination policies when someone point out there was a large spider on her podium.

She could be heard in the video asking someone to get the spider off as another official could be seen grabbing papers and trying to shoo the huntsman spider away but failed to find its trace.

“This shows how controlled I can be,” D’Ath joked. “I don’t like huntsmans, but I’m going to keep going. If he comes anywhere near my face, let me know.”

The spider was later found near her feet and was moved away as the female health official termed it a moment saying ‘ We’ve got COVID and we’ve got spiders.’

Recently, a man posted a viral picture of one of the most venomous spiders that was under his bed and it won him a Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in a Twitter post, stated Gil Wizen was the winner in the Urban Wildlife category with his spider picture.

“Gil Wizen is the winner with this incredible Brazilian wandering spider,” the social media post read. “After noticing tiny spiders all over his bedroom, Gil looked under his bed. There, guarding its brood, was one of the world’s most venomous spiders.”

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