How an excuse to skip school saved a girl’s life

A woman in the United States had made an excuse to skip school which eventually saved her life, according to a foreign news report.

Mary, whose TikTok’s username is @clutzychick, recalled a story when she was eight years old.

She mentioned that she faked an illness for skipping school by telling her mother that she had a sore throat. The mother bought her excuse and decided to take her to the doctor for a checkup as well.

However, she began to experience soreness in her throat. The mother then had to deal with her daughter’s condition by stopping her vehicle multiple times for getting the eight-year-old something to drink.

After reaching the clinic, she was diagnosed with weight issues and underwent medical tests. The doctor said that she had juvenile diabetes. Mary stated that her blood sugar was alarmingly low and was immediately taken to a hospital for treatment.

The doctors confirmed that she had severe diabetes.

Mary had to take a rest and remain at several weeks after undergoing treatment.

The clip has got more than five million views along with many other social media pages sharing Mary’s “blessing in disguise” tales.

We have all made excuses to skip school at some point but this incident is completely out of the blue.

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