No one dares to dictate; I make decisions myself: Chief Justice of Pakistan

Web Desk: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed has said that the Supreme Court is free to make decisions and no one has the courage to stop us while till date we have not listened to any institution and have not taken any pressure.

Addressing a conference in Lahore, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed said, “I never listened to any institution and never took any pressure from any institution. I did not dare, no one interfered in my work, they made their decisions according to their understanding and understanding of the constitution and law.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said, “Sometimes wrong decisions come, sometimes right, some people are called wrong decisions, this is the opinion of the people, some people say the decisions are right, some say it is wrong, everyone has their own opinion. “Everyone’s opinion is there, everyone’s opinion is respected.”

“This is the beauty of the judiciary and democracy, we practice it,” he added. No one dared to stop us, our court is free to make every decision and it does. Our court holds each and every one of them accountable. Tell us, whose decision was made on whose dictation? It’s not like that, don’t create misunderstandings among the people. “

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