They denounce human rights violations in a Guatemalan municipality under a state of siege

Guatemala City, Oct 31 (EFE) .- A human rights group denounced this Sunday “serious” violations of guarantees and the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of the security forces in the Guatemalan municipality of El Estor, under a state of siege since eight days ago, due to a mining conflict involving a company with Russian-Swiss capital.

According to the Unit for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders of Guatemala (Udefegua) and the Legal Action Center for Human Rights (caldh), which led a mission to verify the situation in that municipality, the testimonies collected state that the Police fired tear gas that affected children, women and the elderly and caused the death of backyard birds.

Furthermore, there is a presence of vehicles without license plates, supposedly from the National Civil Police (PNC), and that during the 20 days that the residents’ resistance lasted, “serious human rights violations” were registered against journalists and social communicators. .

“There were physical attacks and destruction of the journalists’ equipment,” the group said in a statement read at a press conference.

The mission confirmed the “permanent harassment by the PNC in the homes of community leaders, which has led to a climate of anxiety” and state-of-the-art technology is also used to monitor residences, he said.

During the visit, 14 raids were documented at the homes of defenders in the Q’eqchí territory, and while the Army surrounded the town, agents from the PNC and the Public Ministry (MP-Prosecutor’s Office) entered the residences violently, he said.

According to the convergence, in one of the houses the Police left open a bottle of herbicide poison next to a pot where a family prepared food, and also other people who are paraplegic were not allowed to dress or use the wheelchair to move around .

“This fact can only be understood as degrading, cruel and inhuman treatment” and in one of the raids “and in one of the raids it was found that the Police” committed physical, psychological and degrading abuse of children who were alone in a home “, he claimed.

The humanitarian leaders also denounced the illegal detention of a human rights defender identified as Eduardo Bin who was receiving bail for a case that is being resolved in court, which they consider as “harassment.”

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