Man bitten by alligator while swimming, video goes viral

A scary video went viral which shows an alligator biting a swimmer’s arm after he decided to swim in forbidden waters in Brazil.

The report mentioned that the Lago do Amor lake in Campo Grande, which attracts tourists, is off-limits for swimmers due to the presence of alligators.

Willyan Caetano began filming the scary video when he saw a man entering the forbidden for a swim.

“A man entered the water around 4:40 pm and started swimming in the place, where entry is prohibited,” he was quoted saying by the news agency.

The footage then saw the man getting chased by the sea creature. Despite all his attempts, the alligator caught up to him and bit his arm.

“Suddenly, to my surprise, an alligator starts chasing him. He tried to swim fast to get away, but the alligator managed to reach him and land a violent bite on the man’s arm, who came out of the water with his arm all bloody and very scared, saying he didn’t know there was an alligator,” Caetano added.

Rescue teams were called on the scene. It was reported that he suffered only minor injuries to his arms.

A local named Garapeira Marinalva da Silva, who is running a sugarcane juice stand in the area for the past five years, said that it was the first time that someone took a dip in it.

“Sometimes, children go there, but then we tell them that there is an alligator and that it’s dirty and they come back,” he told a news agency.

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