Google Doodle celebrates Surrealist photographer Claude Cahun

Google Doodle Claude Cahun

Google honors Claude Cahun with Monday’s Doodle. 


Google is honoring the 127th birthday of French author and Surrealist photographer Claude Cahun on Monday. The animated Doodle features shifting black-and-white self-portraits of Cahun in the middle of the letters spelling out Google’s name. 

Cahun, who was born in France in 1894, is best known for “unsettling yet playful” self-portrait photography that challenged gender and sexuality rules in the early 20th century, according to Google. 

The Doodle re-creates some of Cahun’s most iconic self-portraits, including a portrait series titled “I am in training, don’t kiss me” that shows Cahun as a feminized weightlifter to blur the lines between what is traditionally thought of as masculine and feminine. 

Besides Cahun’s work within the Surrealist movement, Google says they are responsible for “breaking down gender barriers in the photographic arts” and “influenced gender bending celebrities, the modern LGBTQ+ community, and conversations on identity and expression to this day.” 

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