Another Indian conspiracy against Pakistan cricket. India’s attempt to avoid match against Pakistan in the World Cup T20.

The plot of every conspiracy against Pakistan always goes to India, the eternal enemy of Pakistan.

Now another conspiracy has come to light against Pakistan cricket by India. The Indian cricket team has always faced a challenge from the Pakistan cricket team. Although Pakistan has never won against India in the World Cup, but overall Pakistan’s performance has always been better than India in Pakistan Vs India matches. Therefore, India is now trying to avoid a match against the Pakistan cricket team in the World T20 Cup starting this month. For this purpose, India is running a trend against Pakistan on Twitter #ban_pak_cricket.

This trend has been started at the behest of the Indian government in which the Pakistan and citizens of Indian-occupied Kashmir are being targeted who are fighting a war of independence against India.

After the Indian-sponsored terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan was deprived of international cricket matches on its soil for many years. But Pakistan did not give up and continued efforts to revive cricket in Pakistan which turned out to be a good result and the big cricket teams of the world announced the series and visited Pakistan.

But due to Indian conspiracies and International political interference in cricket, the New Zealand team canceled the tour of Pakistan before the toss and later England also canceled the tour of Pakistan. On which voices arose from within England. And the Prime Minister of England Johnson expressed his anger on the cancellation of the England cricket team’s tour of Pakistan. After that Ian Watmore, chairman of the England Cricket Board, has resigned.

Ian Watmore, former chairman of the England Cricket Board.

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