The people of the Middle East boycotted Indian products in protest of the violence against Muslims in India

The people of the Middle East have protested against the violence against Muslims in India.

Cairo (Daily Pakistan Online) People in the Middle East have launched a campaign to boycott Indian products against the Assam Police’s atrocities against Muslims during the eviction drive in India, which has reached its peak.

According to Al Arabiya, a video from the Indian state of Assam is going viral in which a Muslim man was shot dead by a policeman. The incident was strongly condemned on social media while the Arab world posted Indian items on social media. Launched a boycott campaign that reached its peak.

According to the Middle East Monitor, a regional reporting portal, members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly had broadcast condemnation of the atrocities against Muslims by Indian authorities and extremist groups. He strongly condemned the attacks on Muslims.

The news website also quoted Abdul Rehman Al-Nasr, who has more than 318,000 followers, who viralized the video of the violence, saying that there are more than 3 million Hindus in the Gulf countries, they send billions of dollars to India and we are with them. Respectfully, why is India killing our brothers just because they are Muslims?

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