The IMF has set new conditions for Pakistan to resume its loan program

The IMF set a new condition for Pakistan to resume the loan program

ISLAMABAD (Daily Pakistan Online): The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has set a new condition for Pakistan to resume its loan program.

According to private TV, the IMF has set strict conditions for the resumption of the loan program, under which the government will have to impose a sales tax of 17% on the items on which it has given tax exemptions. The sales tax rate on mobile phones is also likely to be raised to 17%. According to sources, on the demand of the IMF, the government is preparing to abolish the sales tax exemption of Rs 330 billion, while a presidential ordinance will be brought to abolish this exemption on sales tax. Talking to a US think tank, he expressed hope that the sixth installment would be received by the IMF soon. So far, technical meetings with the IMF have been completed.

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