Greater Iqbal Park tragedy: Law enforcement agencies decide to take action against Ayesha Akram

Greater Iqbal Park tragedy, law enforcement agencies against Ayesha Akram …

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online): Police and FIA have joined hands to take action against plaintiff Ayesha Akram in the Greater Iqbal Park tragedy case.

According to details, law enforcement agencies will take action against Ayesha Akram under the PICA Act. Police have sought the opinion of the Legal Department in this regard. Ayesha Akram, a victim of sexual harassment, and her friend Rambo had received several calls in which they could be heard planning to collect money from the accused named in the case. During another call, both could be heard plotting to mislead the FIA ​​and make false statements.

It should be noted that at the request of Ayesha Akram, the police have so far registered various cases against several citizens. In these cases, the parents of the named citizens had also staged demonstrations against the police and Ayesha Akram.

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