Female hacker blamed for sharing obscene videos of women arrested  

LAHORE: Startling revelations have been made during an investigation from a female hacker Hina Mehmood regarding her alleged role in sharing obscene images and videos of multiple men and women on social media platforms.

During an interrogation by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), it emerged that she allegedly hacked Gmail, Hotmail, Skype, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts of a man and later shared obscene videos from his accounts.

She is also blamed for sharing obscene videos from two WhatsApp numbers and used VPN to avoid detection.

The FIA nabbed the suspect after a complaint was launched from a man and a woman regarding hacking of their mobile phones and traced her using the leaked data.

Obscene videos and multiple WhatsApp numbers were found from a mobile phone recovered from Hina Mehmood’s possession as the FIA probe found that she was using citizen’s data to make the videos viral on social media.

Obscene content of the two applicants was also found on the female hacker’s phone.

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