Child mistakenly wraps bicycle lock around mother’s neck

A child mistakenly wrapped a bicycle lock around his mother’s neck, causing her to panic and approach firefighters to rescue her. 

The video, which was captured in China, showed a small towel is placed around the woman’s neck by the firefighters who use a pair of wire cutters to remove the lock.

The incident was reported from Huai’an city of Jiangsu Province in China, a foreign news agency reported.

The woman’s four-year-old son placed a bicycle lock around her neck. She first thought the situation funny but he could not remember the unlock code.

She went into a state of panic and went to the police for help but they could not assist her. The firefighters were called to solve the matter.

“I was cleaning the toilet at that time, my son was playing with the bicycle lock next to me,” the Chinese woman was quoted saying in the report. “He suddenly put it around me and locked it.”

She added: “I couldn’t unlock it with the code I had set and I had no idea how many times he changed it, so I panicked,” the mother told the firefighters.”

The firefighters told the woman to bring her son to them as they will educate him.

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