Ayesha Akram voluntarily made objectionable videos and went viral, private TV sources claim.

Ayesha Akram voluntarily made objectionable videos and went viral, private t …

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Significant progress has been made in the Greater Iqbal Park tragedy, private TV Dunya News quoted sources as saying that Ayesha Akram made objectionable videos and went viral on social media.

According to private TV, it has been decided to take action against Ayesha Akram under the PICA Act for making objectionable videos and making them viral, for which the opinion of the Legal Department has been sought. According to the police, it is a crime to make objectionable videos and make them viral on social media. The objectionable videos of Ayesha and Rambo went viral.

It is to be noted that in the third week of August, a video came out according to which hundreds of people had intervened with Ayesha Akram on August 14 and tore her clothes but this incident did not come to light. Four days later, the video surfaced, after which the case came to light and the police arrested dozens of people and started the trial, but with each passing day, the matter is taking a new turn.

A few days ago, Ayesha Akram arrested her colleague Rambo, who was accompanying her in Tik Tak videos, after accusing her of the Greater Iqbal Park tragedy. According to private TV Express News, Ayesha Akram hired DIG Investigation Sharq Jamal I have submitted a written statement in which it is said that Rambo planned to go to Greater Iqbal Park on the occasion of Independence Day while Rambo has made several nasty videos of me and blackmails me through these videos.

According to Ayesha Akram’s statement, I used to pay half of my salary to Rambo while he has taken Rs 1 million from me through blackmailing so far. Rambo runs a tuck talk gang along with his fellow king. Rambo could not tell the police because he used to be with me like a shadow, now I am tired of giving money to Rambo so I have decided to seek the help of the police.

Apart from Rambo, six other people were also detained at Ayesha’s request, after which Ayesha Akram and Rambo’s audio calls came to light in which both of them could be heard planning to take money from the accused arrested in the case. In a call, Rambo says the suspects are poor and can’t afford to pay much.

In a call, Rambo says that wherever you go, I have videos of them. I will leak those videos. Ayesha Akram says that I live at home. You cannot impose restrictions on me. Rambo says that you have ruined my life. I have a video and a picture of you. You have ruined me. Ayesha Akram says that you are not my husband who imposes restrictions on me.

In a call, Rambo says, “I will not play or come to play. I have all your numbers. I have run out of patience. I will do WhatsApp videos for everyone. I will also die together and kill you.”

In a call, Rambo asks if the accused are six or seven. To which Ayesha Akram replies that six. To which Rambo says that you know how much money should be taken for a compromise per culprit. You all are poor. On which Ayesha Akram says that she has to do five lakhs with difficulty.

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