In Hasilpur, dogs bit a minor child. The administration is a silent spectator

In Hasilpur, dogs bit a minor child, the administration was a silent spectator

Hasilpur (Daily Pakistan Online): A 10-year-old boy was bitten by stray dogs in Chak 75 Fateh area of ​​Saddar police station.

According to details, a 10-year-old boy named Hasnain was bitten by stray dogs in 75 Fateh area on the outskirts of Hasilpur. The boy went to his fields from home and was snatched by stray dogs. When he did not reach home even after a long time, the search for the child was started and his body was found in the fields. Upon receiving the report of the incident, police and rescue personnel rushed to the spot. Panic spread in the area after the incident. The affected family and residents of the area have demanded the administration to destroy the dogs.

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