Thief left odd note for owner after failure to find money

A thief was disgruntled after he could not find a large amount of money and valuables from a house in India after which he left a note.

According to an Indian news agency, the police stated that the burglar left a note in which he asked that why the owner, named Trilochan Singh Gaur, kept his home locked when there was no money in it.

“Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha collector (The house should not have been locked when there was no money in it, collector), it read.

He left off with INR30,000 cash and some jewellery items were stolen from the owner who is a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) in the district.

He returned home after 15 days after which he came to know about the robbery. High profile district policemen reside in the area where the magistrate is located.

It was mentioned that the thief seemingly used the magistrate’s notepad and pen to write the letter.

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