The condition of the IMF to impose more taxes is big news for the salaried class

The IMF’s condition to impose more taxes is big news for the salaried class

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has demanded the removal of Rs 300 billion sales tax exemption for the next ارب 1 billion loan installment. According to the Express Tribune, with this new condition, the demand for additional revenue from the IMF has reached Rs 525 billion. The tax authorities have agreed to remove the Rs 260 billion exemption given to various departments in terms of sales tax, but they say that additional income tax will not be imposed on the salaried class.

According to government sources, Pakistani negotiators have requested the IMF to remove the sales tax exemption and implement the decision immediately. Be delayed until

It should be noted that the IMF has also stipulated an additional Rs 225 billion in income tax. If this condition is met, pensioners will also be affected and the income tax exemption granted to them may be revoked.

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