Mannequin mistaken for woman in danger

Rescue workers were in for a surprise when they were called to rescue a woman dangling from a cliff in California state of the United States only to find it is a mannequin.
According to a foreign news agency, the people of Santa Barbara city informed the authorities about a woman hanging from the rocks but found the mannequin which was used for the filming of a movie.
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department mentioned that eye, witnesses called 911 to inform about a woman who seemed to be trapped on the cliff’s side.
The situation had caused fear and tension among the people when they came to know that there was no equipment that could help in climbing towards it. The rescue teams came to the scene only to find that it was a plastic dummy that was hanging.
“At 3:49, SBC rec’d reports of a medical 30 feet down cliff above Hope Ranch Beach. Multi-agency response with UTV’s, Drone, Engines and Truck. Ended up being a mannequin from movie shoot days earlier. Passerby’s on the beach noticed and called. Better to call than not!,” a public information officer tweeted.

Here’s how social media reacted.

It is not the first time that such an incident took place. In 2020, a Florida woman informed authorities when she came to find what she thought was body in the middle of a beach before coming to know that it was a mannequin.

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