WhatsApp suicide group member found dead in England

A 20-year-old woman, who was part of a WhatsApp suicide group, was found dead in the woods in the Portslade suburb of the city of Brighton and Hove in England.
A foreign news agency mentioned that the 20-year-old Amy Springer was part of the WhatsApp in which users discuss ways to end their lives.
A judicial investigation was held in which found that she had contacted the people who talked about self-harm.
Brighton coroner Dr Karen Henderson stated that she was coping with the issues surrounding her despite suffering from different problems that being autism, unstable personality disorder and PTSD.
The coroner said that she kept harming herself despite her family doing their best trying their best to improve the situation.
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Springer had gone missing a staggering 15 times last year and thrice this year. She harmed herself much times during those times. The deceased went missing back on March 19 after which a search was carried but she could not be traced and her intentions were unknown as well.
She died of Asphyxiation.
Her death was called a tragedy by Coroner Dr Karen Henderson who said that Springer was affected by a series of traumatic incidents that took place in her life including the death of her elder brother.
“She was no doubt deeply loved,” the doctor said. “But throughout her life, she suffered many difficulties and challenges that had a considerable impact on her ability to navigate her teenage years and the early years of adulthood.”
The coroner said she could not overcome the problems she was facing.
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