Earthquake in North Balochistan. Several people were killed

Earthquake in North Balochistan

The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.9. Earthquake tremors in different parts of North Balochistan.

Earthquake shakes Balochistan, Quetta, Harnai, Shahrag, Ziarat, Pishin, Sanjawi, Muslim Bagha and Kanozai.

Rescue teams are engaged in rescue operations. The epicenter was reported at 8 km below near Harnai.

The quake destroyed several houses in Harnai and Shahrag. Several people were injured and taken to hospital.

According to initial statement of Deputy Commissioner Sohail Anwar, Eight killed in Harnai earth quake. But DG PDMA stated that 15 to 20 people killed with earth quack. He further stated that The number of children among the dead is high.

According to DGPDMA Naseer Nasir, heavy machinery has been sent to Harnai. Harnai is a mountainous area. Many houses are made of mud, which caused them to collapse.

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